Kane Creek Canyon

  • Duration: 5 Hours

  • Difficulty: Stage 3

  • Price: $265 per driver / $195 per passenger

Kane Creek Canyon is the foolproof choice for those hot desert days when playing in the water is the perfect accompaniment to a day of exceptional four wheeling. This trail follows Kane Creek up a wide canyon which narrows into a maze of river crossings while winding through the tamarisk. It offers a unique variety of terrain from the sandy creek bed to the rocky climb out of the canyon which grabs your attention with the scattering of jagged ledges along a narrow shelf road. The contrast of the green Aspen trees lining the creek sides with the red rock walls and luminous blue skies will charm you all the way out to Highway 191 where the trail exits by Hole in the Rock. You will be met with an air conditioned truck for the 15 mile ride back into Moab.

Please note we do have a 72 hour cancellation policy.