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Metal Masher

  • Duration: 4-5 Hours

  • Difficulty: Stage 2

  • Price: Starting at $360 for one driver and/or one passenger

Metal Masher is the perfect combination of scenic views, challenging obstacles, and desert driving. This trail is north of Moab off Highway 191 and eases you in with a scenic drive up Gemini Bridges Road, past Gooney Bird Rock, to the trail head. As you begin the trail, you descend into Little Canyon and the trail quickly becomes more challenging as you navigate over a series of ledges and loose rocks. Ascending out of they Little Canyon, the trail opens back up to wide scenes of the valley behind you as drive across vast slick rock slabs to Mirror Gulch. Here the trail narrows and you test your rock crawling skills up this series of steeper ledges as you work your way up through the jutting red rock. After your climb you’re rewarded with an expansive view of the 1300 foot climb you just finished since leaving the staging area as you venture out onto Arth’s Rim. From here you can take in the panoramic view of Arches National Park and Highway 191 below, Interstate 70 to the north, and the Moab Valley to the south. Once you’ve taken in your share of the rim views, you’ll start your venture back down, finding similar terrain as you traversed on your way up. After getting off the rim, the rocky trail gives way to the sandy desert. Optionally to the right, you can drive out past Widowmaker Hill, a popular Jeep obstacle. Continuing on you’ll find yourself on sandy two track roads leading out to the Gemini Bridges Road and back to the staging area.

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