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About Us

Embark on the ultimate off-road adventure with Ultimate UTV Adventures! Our locally owned and operated company is dedicated to providing action-packed UTV tours, guided by a lifetime resident of Moab whose love for off-roading is contagious.

With access to the newest machines in the industry, you’re sure to have an exhilarating ride through the rugged terrain of Utah‘s stunning landscapes. Our knowledgeable guides will take you on a journey that you’ll never forget, filled with awe-inspiring views and heart-pumping thrills.

Experienced Local Guides

When it comes to off-roading, having a knowledgeable guide can make all the difference. That’s why at Ultimate UTV, we’re proud to say that all of our guides are not only experts in off-roading, but they’re also all locals.

This means that not only will they show you the best trails and hidden spots, but they’ll also share their insider knowledge about the area’s history, wildlife, and culture. And with their years of experience, they know how to tailor the adventure to fit your skill level and interests, ensuring you have the best possible experience.

Amazing Views

Exploring the beautiful sights of Jasper can be an incredible experience, and there’s no better way to do it than on a tour that takes you to the most picturesque places. The tours include several viewpoints and areas where you can take stunning photographs to cherish forever.

You don’t have to worry about missing out on the best spots, as the tours ensure you make stops at the most breathtaking locations. Imagine standing at a spectacular vantage point surrounded by miles of untouched wilderness. These tours will take you on an adventure that will leave you speechless and filled with awe.

Join Us to Make Lifelong Memories

Our team is dedicated to helping you create an unforgettable experience that is tailored to your needs and preferences. From thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline-pumping ride to families searching for a fun-filled day out, we have something for everyone.

With our top-of-the-line UTVs and expert guides, you can rest assured that your adventure will not only be thrilling but also safe. Join us on an adventure that will not only take you through stunning landscapes but also help you make everlasting memories that you will cherish for years to come.