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During summer months we suggest the 8:30am tour due to hot temps.

Starting at Price displayed for Driver Only
Ride with a Guide - 1 Passenger Price displayed is for One Passenger
Tour with your Own Machine Must have your own personal machine for this tour


Poison Spider is a delightfully versatile trail which is accessed from the Potash Road (Highway 279) and is an excellent choice for a pleasantly challenging day. As you approach the trail entrance, you’ll see petroglyphs on the cliff face to the right and the parking lot has a short walking trail to a collection of dinosaur tracks. While the trail begins innocently enough with a nice sandy stretch, the obstacles come in rapid succession with varying degrees of difficulty. Between the rocky, uneven ledges that demand careful tire placement to the steep, off camber slick rock climbs, you’ll be in hog heaven! After maneuvering through the signature obstacles, you’ll come out on top of the mesa where the sight of the Behind the Rocks area and the La Sal mountains will take your breath away. The high speed mesa is a fun break from the technical driving and brings you down to the sand bowl where Poison Spider swings off to the right for the loop section. The loop takes you up a steep section of slick rock and winds around to Little Arch, which is actually far from little. On the way out, you’ll come across a wide expanse of sand which is a hoot to rally around! The loop brings you back to the same intersection so navigating your way out is quite simple as you travel back out the way you came in.

Please call us if you are interested in different times.


Please bring a valid driver’s license.